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LED Crystal Kayaks

A new experience on the river Bure
Do you yearn for a different kind of adventure? One where you are immersed in the ethereal experience of being surrounded by nothing but water, nature, and pretty lights?
The Crystal Kayak LED experience is something so different that it’s complexed to articulate specific wording due to its uniqueness, but one things is for sure…It is a guaranteed quality adventure for all personalities!
It’s not for everyone, but everyone that joins us has a story to tell by the end of the night!
All safety precautions are implemented by our thoroughly experienced team to ensure your safety in the experience is intrinsic.
This can be hired for only £34.99 per Kayak which require 2 people.
We are able to hire these out for groups, parties and pairs for an evening adventure out on the River Bure.
(10+ ONLY with an adult)


From May(Friday & Saturday evenings only


If this sounds like your kind of thing, then you know what to do!


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